This unique product is something that we pioneered and crafted in house using the HTE portion from our sauce. We combine the high terpene extract with our distillate in an equal ratio to deliver a full on medicated experience a traditional vape cannot achieve. The HTE offers a more pleasurable experience comparable to the effects of inhaling flower as its terpene profile is preserved in the same ratios found in the plant. The terpene profile of a strain can almost be looked at as its “fingerprint”, being it is unique to that cultivar.

These natural cannabis terpenes enable the user to feel much more medicated when mixed with distillate as the entourage effect comes into play. This unique terpene blend produced by the plant is almost impossible to mimic with by the bending of organic terpenes. Not only does the user experience a much more realistic medicated feeling but because the terpenes come from our sauce it delivers a much smoother hit that doesn’t burn your throat or nose like some other vapes. We take a lot of pride in creating this product, as it is 100% derived from cannabis we have extracted ourselves. 


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